Finally ! The tunnel Bs As-Colonia is coming

French jurist

Feb 5, 2010
The sub-secretary of the bicentenary infrastructures, Ms. Abril Tounta, announced today, at La Casa Rosada, that the decision about the long awaited-for tunnel in-between the Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos-Aires and Colonia, Uruguay had been taken for good.

The tunnel, 47 kilometers long, will be the longest tunnel in Latin America, and the third one in the world after the Japanese Seikan-3 (53.85 kms) and the Eurotunnel (50.5 kms).

The estimated cost runs about 10.78 billions US$, The funding will be provided by the Bi-Centennary Fund backed by the Central Reserves (BCRA / Banco Central de la Republica Argentina).

The Uruguayan counterpart of Ms. Tounta, Sr. Felipe Merluza, defined the signing as an historical moment for the history of Latin America.

More details on Buenos Aires Herald :


Ok, Ok, not trying to be the pessimistic guy here.
But what will be the corruption for this epic construction ?
Is it going to be like the Riachuelo's cleaning (that will take place next february 30th ?).
Would you drive 30 miles in a tunnel going below a river 30 miles wide ?

Sorry ! I'll still take Buquebus to get my stamps !
we'll be playing jetpack soccer on the 4th planet of the Dog Star system before that tunnel gets finished. :rolleyes: Actually, it's also possible homo erectus will have evolved back into mud dwelling amphibians before it's completed.
Must confess you got me. After the bullet train project, nothing is too nutty.

Colonians are uniformly opposed to the tunnel - they fear becoming and Arg. province. I heard that Amalia Fortabat had bought lots of land around the proposed Colonia bridge-head, near Riachuelo. Guess she won't notice the loss.
ha!!! maybe if they actually got a new subway line finished then i would believe this one!