Finding a local gym_


Anyone have ideas the best route to do this? I live in Palermo Soho and haven´t come across one in the immediate area. I´ve seen several in Recoleta and just thought I´d ask for a tip if anyone knows of any gyms in Palermo Soho near Plaza Serrano. Thanks.


Hi, found some links to Gym directories that may (or not) be of use:
This question has actually been asked on two other forums and has been unaswered as yet. So if you find there are some around that area do post the info up on the site, :) At least so we know or can pretend to know in the future (hehe).
Otherwise this could be a great investment opportunity for an expat looking for a niche business to invest in, couldn´t it ?? No gyms or decent ones in Palermo Soho?? with all the movement going on there??Incredible...