Dec 28, 2006
Hola Gente.
Very soon I will be traveling to Argentina and plan to stay in Buenos Aires for a month or two. I know the Bs As is known for the Tango but my passion is for Los Flamencos. I saw a great show in Bs As when I was there last year. Are there any afectionados out there? Can anyone suggest where I can find a Flamenco club or see a great show?
Regards, Carlos
I am also a lover of Flamenco music. Unfortunately I have not seen any good Flamenco acts here in Buenos Aires. I would say though that for me one of the most exiting things about being here is some of the great music that you will hear. If you like the guitar you will be presently surprised at how accomplished some of the Tango guitar players here are. Any guitar fan ABSOLUTELY MUST check out Juanjo Dominguez and Luis Salinas if no one else. Listening to these two genius musicians will give you a glimpse of how the Tango and Flamenco are actually interrelated. What you might be missing are the gypsy vocal stylings that characterize Flamenco music. The raspy style of singing voice spiraling through spidery Arabic melodies is not really so much a feature of Tango singing. Still there are quite a few singers of note here. I recently saw Mercedes Sosa and was really moved by some of the traditional ballads she was singing. I also saw a great concert by Pedro Aznar where he was interpreting the works of Brazilian composers. What is great about BA is that they have these clubs like Notorius and Thelonious Bar that are advertised as jazz clubs but you can here all kinds of good music there. In addition BA has amazing cable TV and if you stay tuned to the Arts channel you might get a dose of "legit" Flamenco from Spain every now and then.
Hi Carlos!
I am a flamenco lover! I studied with a famous teacher and dancer here in Argentina, her name is Marcela Suez. She dances "live" as flamenco requires, with the music of some argentinian gypsy from the gyspy community setteld in Buenos Aires ( i can assure that it must be hard to get the "approval" of this gypsies as a flamenco dancer!) She travels every year to Spain to improve herself in Flamenco. She also teaches at the "Centro Cultural Rojas" (University of Buenos Aires). She has her own webpage (spanish) you can read there her CV, check it out! http://www.lunadelolivar.com.ar/marcela_suez.html
Any further info, please do not hesitate to contact me! [email protected]
tactactacatactac tac tacc! Olei!;) Macarena.