Flight Ticket Prices For Foreigner With A Dni (Extranjero)


Oct 11, 2012
Hello Everyone,

I searched the old threads and also asked a few of my colleagues, but still could not get a clear answer to this query.

I am a foreigner, legally working here, hold a DNI (Extranjero, which expires in August 2013) and pay my taxes here. But I don't know whether I have to pay the local price or a foreigner price if I wish to buy a flight ticket from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu (or any other location).

Please help me here.

Thanks 'expatinowncountry'!

Sorry for re-confirming, but have you ever done this? The reason why I am asking is that I called despegar.com.ar customer care and they told me that you have to pay foreigner price. So, I dont know where to confirm this fact - just to avoid paying the difference in fare once I reach the airport.

Thanks again!

Local price is for residents and you are a resident. Just do not forget your DNI when flying.
with a DNI you have permanent residency. that means you qualify. I am doing the same journey with my DNI on Monday
Thanks 'deadlegs', but to clarify, I do not have a permanent residency yet. I came to Argentina only in August 2012 and have a temporary residency and hence my DNi is valid only till August 2013 (I would have to renew it then).

Does this mean that with permanent residency, you fly at local prices but with temporary residency, you pay foreign prices??

Still confused.

with a DNI you have permanent residency. that means you qualify. I am doing the same journey with my DNI on Monday
i just read the rules and my understanding is that you need residency (which you have until aug) and proof of address. so with your dni and a certificado de domicilio (por la dudas) you will be fit to fly. also cponsider that they are only going to give your docs a cursory glance. stick your dni in a little wallet with the letters DNI stamped on them and you probably wont even have to open it. obviously dont speak if you dont have to.
Like in many other instances Permanent Residency is what counts...!!
You should be fine. I've purchased tickets at the locals rate with my DNI and never had a problem. Just don't make a fuss about "temporary" vs "permanent". It should not matter either way, but don't confuse them by bringing that up in any way. Just show your DNI when you pay, and if they ask anything state that you are a resident, period.
They announced a while back they were getting rid of the subsidies for resident pricing - is there still a big difference in price for res/non-res? Can't say I often fly locally so I haven't noticed.
My family are coming here in 2months and I put together a pdf with all the amazing places to visit in argentina, but the price of the flights is unbelievable. There are 4 of them so it works out really expensive!! The buses are cheaper but you lose so many days on them.

Where can I read the law about resident/extranjero prices for flights. Just out of curiosity!! Is it Government policy that foreigners pay more ti help subsidise the locals? Are the government subsiding the prices for the locals???

Ps. If anyone has any recommendations for places to visit April 17th-24th it would be great! I have travelled all over Argentina but never that time of year. Whats the weather like in Villa general Belgrano area at that time of year? Too cold for swimming in the rivers etc.??