With all this really great spring weather I feel like putting flowers on my windowsil. Any suggestions on where I can buy (and actually chose) flowers (in pots).
Is there any flowershop open on sunday, or is there a flowermarket somewhere in or around the center?

fred mertz

I know of 2 large nurserys. One is Viero Miario at Scalabrini Ortiz 1240 near Av Cordaba in Palermo. The other is on Pueyrredon near Tucaman; name unknown. They´both have great selections of flowers and plants.


on my walk today i saw a huge garden store. it was on pueyrredon b/t lavalle and tucuman. if you are walking towards lavalle it is on your right. you cannot miss it. sorry, i forget the name. it started with a p...?

good luck!


The big plant shop on Pueyrredon is called Plantas Faitful. I've bought a few plants there and have never had any problems with the plants. They don't have delivery, however, so think about how you're going to bring plants back if you want to buy anything big.