Food Review for Sugar and Spice - Locked???


Jul 15, 2009
I was not going to post on this thread but I feel after reading some of the comments on the web I had no choice.

Mr Frank Almeida you started this public fight by calling us scammers ( crooks) and linking a site BA expatgroupwatch with an old link saying that we steal monies from expats. Who is the bully ? You posted this yesterday on Banewcomers for all the world to see and linked to a site that has been bullying us for two years now. Two years is a very long time and we have been bullied in the most agressive way by Yanqui Mike and now yourself . Personal attacks of the most lowest level have been bandied about on that site for two years and I can tell you that Igor in particular was very unhappy about this .
All the negative and defamous posts about me and Igor and Chris have also been saved . To link to this site shows that your main interest was causing distress to the BA expat board . Do you understand how much anxiety has been caused to us by these unwarranted attacks and I stress again that have been going on for two years!!!!
Talk about hypocrisy Mr Almeida.

We allowed you to post here like everyone else and you posted 8 replies in just three days . We moderated one post here of yourself and did not ban you . Members are very welcome to advertise their businesses but with balance . I understand that BA newcomers does not allow advertising for new members and has strict rules regarding ads on the board.
This is all we are striving to do here as well and in most cases we have been very fair.
We aim to keep our forum on topic and try to moderate the unacceptable or inappropriate comments.
Moderation is a difficult subject and you will always have people who believe that you are censoring them. You are damned if you moderate and damned if you do not .

Calling myself Igor, Chris, and Steve crooks for daring to have a occasional dinner for expats is really below the belt.
Is this was not so childish it would be laughable but the comments made by you are completely unacceptable to me .
You have turned a love of good restaurants that is completely sincere into something sinister.
I have never bothered you in three years here Mr Almeida but you have now sowed what you will reap due to your comments posted on BA newcomers yesterday. Why did you not have a deep breath before you posted that ?
Can you imagine if I wrote these comments about you here that you scammed expats and that you were crook would you just let it go Mr Almeida?
Portraying yourself as the victim on your blog does not wash with me or any sane individual as the proof is very clear .

Argentina does have very strict laws of defamation.


Jun 6, 2005
The forum is 'owned' by Igor who is gravely ill in the Hospital Aleman.
I have not attended any dinners or group functions for several years so I don't know how someone can charge me with fraud - anyway fraud is something that has never occurred with anyone involved with the baexpat dinners. I hope that this unnecessary business can end promptly. I am sure that Igor intends to keep the website going and to continue in the spirit of free expression which is a tradition shared by many of the people who post here. I am sure that everyone of good will wishes Igor a speedy and full recovery. I personally find it very sad that this is going on while he is so very sick in the hospital and unable to respond.


Dec 15, 2007
One of the group of four, though remaining anonymous, has just informed me by PM that the sole owner of this website is "Igor". My error, then, though based on supposed information given me by one of the most frequent posters here.

RWS said:
I've been told that this forum is the property of four foreigners. We've Igor, [E-]Pericles, and Chris, so I'd guess . . . that this is the mysterious fourth hand.


Jun 20, 2006
Thank you Clarke, and others for your words of support . The truth is we are not suprised by this defamous attack yesterday from FA, YM and company . The truth is they have been gnashing at the bone for two years to instill their form of democracy on our site but off course if we agree to all their ideas.

This has been very hurtful for us here at the BA expats team as our Administrator Igor is the last person in the world to deserve the attacks from YM and now FA in regards to our site and our honesty.

We are united together on this and we will never cave in...


Jul 27, 2006
Hey, Bianca (who sent me a private note regarding this subject), I AM NOT THE STEVE WHO IDENTIFIED HIMSELF TODAY AS THE "FOURTH" MODERATOR. I know Igor and Pericles personally, but, I have no Idea who this Steve or Chris are.

Ironically, I have organized a few expat lunches, but I only collected the actual price charged per head and always kicked in 10 percent for those who didn't tip the "waiter" because they didn't order a drink. I always ended up subsidizing the lunches. The only reason I stopped having the lunches (in Recoleta) is due to the fact that I sold my apartment in June and moved to Belgrano.

I hope to announce a lunch in Belgrano in the near future.

And Bianca, you should try my brownies...

The first one is free.