Football for Dummies

Considering the ruckus a few nights ago because of the Boca Juniors win, I was wondering if a knowledgeable expat might explain the tiers of winning, the championships and the hierarchy of the football (soccer to this old American) here in Buenos Aires in Argentina. So much cheering happened the other night, I want to hear more


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Hey Sushilovinfun,
It's like this: Both the "clausura" and "apertura" tournaments are local Argentinian. San Lorenzo won the last one about a week ago. The "Toyota Libertadores Cup" is a Latin American championship for clubs. The winner (Boca this time) travels to Japan for the world championship for clubs. Then you have the "America Cup", which is a North, Central and South American championship for national teams. This one starts June 28th I think.
I am not an expert on football. In fact. this is just about as much as I know about the game.
Did that help?