Football Tickets


I have some friends in town and wanted to take them to see a football game this Sunday. A tour company priced me 180 pesos a ticket for the River vs Chacarita game which includes transportation and guide. This seems like a huge mark-up. Is there any way I could just buy the tickets myself or does anyone know of a less expensive broker? Thanks for your help!


Just go to the River stadium a few hours before the match and you should be able to get a platea ticket for around 80 pesos. The stadium is in a nice area and easy to get to, either by bus (I don't know the numbers) or taxi.

Many tourists have managed to go to the River stadium without a tour.




Yeah, just buy your "platea" tickets (platea means seated) at the stadium before the match starts and you'll be fine. You can easily get to the stadium by Subte (Linea D until Congreso de Tucumán). When on Av. Cabildo turn right into Congreso and walk that street (you'll cross some railroad tracks) until you hit Libertador. Turn left there and turn right at the T-crossing with the statue in the middle. Alternatively you could take buslines 29, 130 (and a bunch more which i cant remember right now).