Free Accomodation Hostels In BA


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Does anybody know if there are any hostels in BA that offer free accomodation in place for working. I have been in Santiago and La Paz and they both have atleast 1 or two hostels that offer free accomodation for working. I am trying to get to BA but my budget took a severe hit when I was bitten by a monkey in Bolivia and had no travel insurance. Thanks


Bitten by a monkey? This is just too f*cking interesting to pass up.I don't know anything about Free Hostels, but I'd sincerely like to hear about the monkey bite in Bolivia. My E-mail is grantcatton@yahoo.comIncidentally, I'm coming to BA in mid-April.
i used to stay at the clan hostel and they had some people that used to do breakfast each morning and some other tasks that paid their way. that was in 2004 but maybe they still do.
good luck.


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I'm at the Hostel Suites Obelisco hostel (HI) at av Corrientes 830. There's a guy here working the breakfast shift (7 days/week tho) who stays for free.
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