Free Conversational Spanish


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I am a coordinator of a Spanish school and a Spanish teacher. I would like to invite to members of this group to a meeting of Free Conversational Spanish at Sarmiento 833, 4to. B every Tuesday at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
This meeting is Free and there is not a hidden agenda. Purpose is
trying to meet new people and practice Spanish language for a few


Hi Nelly, I am also a coordinator of a language school and a language teacher. I would love to join you for your group sometime. I'm glad to hear that there is "no hidden agenda" although that makes me think that you have thought of one before, so now i am skeptical...Anyways, i will try to make it sometime.


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I clarify it because I know many schools - a lot of students have commented to me (I don´t about your school, because you do not identify) tell that offer free things but when students go there, hidden fees appear. And it justly have been provoking mistrufulness among foraigners.