Friendliness of Argentines?


Jun 14, 2008
Hi,Having read the last post on honesty, I'm just wondering how friendly do you find Argentinian people to be? I know that this question will sound like a sweeping generalisation. But overall, from your experience, do you find Argentinian people to be warm and welcoming?I realise that there will always be exceptions. Bart
I've had great experiences. My colleagues have been great, and have been very patient with my limited spanish. I've made argentine friends quickly through shared interest, and have been warmly welcomed by the families and partners of my expat friends here. Much friendlier than london IMO.
Very helpful...especially when they realize you are living here for the longer than two years gig.
I have been robbed, ripped off by taxistas, and met rude and arrogant people, but is this not typical of any big city anywhere in the world. I have had similar experinces in Paris Amsteram Madrid to name but a few. The real big difference here is: the people try to know you, they welcome you into thier houses and genrally treat you as one of thier own.
I have two great examples: A lady whome I met through the internet, soley to learn spanish, welcomes me into her home whenever we arrive, invites us to her family Christmas and even buys presents for my wife and I.
There is a local club, where they dance not only tango but salsa meregue and folk dancing. On our first visit they did not want to let in extrajeros (they dance badly) now whenever we arrive the patron buys us drinks and welcomes us as old friends.
There are many others I could quote, but I bring them to mind whenever (rarely) I have a bad experience.
There are some nice people but in general I find Argentinians to be closed minded and not very friendly.
My experiences have been overwhelming postive. The idea of sitting aorund, sharing mates, and talking about life for a while is cool, I love it. Of course, the flipside is nothing gets done quickly in this country.
I've found the people to be pretty friendly. (I've kissed more men's cheeks since I've been in Argentina that I had in my entire life before here.)
Many people dream of traveling, but because of the devaluation, can't even begin to think of it now. So meeting and befriending extranjeros is kind of a substitute for traveling. You are an individual episode of the Travel Channel or the Discovery Channel. (Or maybe "E!'s 'Wild On'...")
And I've only been held up at gun point once. And los ladrones were relatively friendly for masked teenagers robbing 4 people in a gated community.