From Suzie

Susanna Thompson

Jun 28, 2009
Hi I have been living in BsAs for about 6 months and i have been having a great time only my relationship with my husband has hit rock bottom. We are all suffering so much - and I wonder if it has anything to do with moving to a new country and my husband not working as much as he used to and finding it so frustrating he takes it out on his family - Does anyone recommend a good therapist or some kind of help that would get us back on track?

Thank you so much,

I have the following information from the classified section of the BA Insider Magazine from Summer 2008:

Counseling Services in English
Maria Paz

Offices in Barrio Norte and Northern Suburbs
Tel: 4962-7093
Cell: 15-5459-5409
[email protected]

Laura Elizabeth Turner, M.D.
Treating Anxiety, Depression, Stress
Office in Recoleta - 20+ yrs experience
Tel: 4806-6903
Cell: 15-5102-4288
[email protected]

I have no direct knowledge about them or their services, just saw their ad a few days ago and then saw your post!
Suzie, strange as this may sound - he needs you to be there for him now more than ever. Stay strong!
if you dont have a clue as to what the problem is, thats a problem. and one that probably no one else can solve.
You guys need to talk..Same thing happened to us. I was the one who was upset, because when you are used to working all the time and then to "do nothing" it is a shock. If this is your first time to live overseas than you have the additional stress and "cultural shock". Plan a weekend away somewhere. Buen Suerta
Hi Suzie.

Are either of you working? Do you have medical cover? If you have either swiss medical or OSDE cover, it will have a directory of services, counsellers, psychotherapists etc and it lists people who speak english.

I can't recommend you any couples therapists, but if you want i can send you details of therapists listed in the directory I got given with my plan. Prices are generally affordable compared to the US or Europe, and therapy seems to be much more common here.

If you want to send me a PM I'll try and find someone near where you live.

Hi Suzie,

Just read your ad. I am an Argentinian psychotherapist with experience in Buenos Aires and in the UK. I offer one to one as well as couple therapy. My office is in Belgrano.
Unfortunately my web site is only in Spanish

Do not hesitate to contact me.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi Susie

If you have the chance of getting a good therapist your problems will be over in not so long I have a very good one but unfortunately doesn`t speak English, he once told me that when a couple have things in common it is possible to go back to normal and even better life. This is only another stage in the relationship try to stay as calm as possible, get an honest therapist and hopefully problems will be over we hope soon
all the best Susie
Hi Suzie,
I just saw this thread and hope things are much improved for you and your husband now? My husband and I have also just hit a major trauma after ten years of bliss, and 6 months in Bs As, and I am searching for the "right" therapist for us: English speaking, experienced couples counsellor, experienced in culture shock (if that is a factor, we have been "expats" in many different countries) experienced in fertility counselling (we are having IVF), open minded enough to cope with the unconventional parts of our marriage, (eg. he's 31, I am 40+) and, in case the above is not enough of a wishlist already, knowledgeable about the extra challenge of therapy with someone of 'gifted' range IQ who, he acknowledges, finds it very challenging to accept he is not right about everything all the time! I would be really grateful if you, or anyone else reading this post, has any suggestions on how I might find this person in Bs As? Many thanks and good wishes, Alison