Frustrated by the ARS 300 ATM limit?


Oct 11, 2007
Hi All

After much searching I've found that for now, Cirrus Networked ATM's will issue much larger sums than the 300 pesos per transaction from Banelco Networked ATM's.

98% of the ATM's in Argentina are Banelco networked so I avoid them like the plague. Not only are they a security risk, it would seem that Banelco are profiting in a big way by imposing the ARS 300 limit. I've spent up to 20 minutes withdrawing ARS 300 at a time... It made me very nervous and drew a lot of attention from the growing cue of people waiting to use the machine.

Where to find Cirrus networked ATMs? Most international banks will have both Banelco and Cirrus at a branch somewhere so look carefully at the machine for the Cirrus logo. If it's Cirrus networked then it will have the Cirrus logo on the display or on the machine someplace. I haven't found a machine that is both Cirrus and Banelco. They seem to be one or the other.

Click here to visit the Maestro/Mastercard/Cirrus ATM locator.

There are no guarantees that every machine in the locator are Cirrus networked but the few that i've tried are.

I hope you find this useful.

To help everybody out, if you find or confirm that an ATM is Cirrus networked, would you mind posting the Bank name and address in this thread?

Trev 'Cangurito'