Getting a new 90 day tourist visa.


after all of this talk, i still dont understand what will happen to a person with an expired visa (say 4 months) if they go to uruguay to renew it. I have a dog here and cannot risk being told that i cant come back in. I might not bother if it werent for the fact that i cant afford to be caught up at the airport with my dog waiting to board for a 18 hour flight. Id have gone when it was due had i any money at the time. If anyone can help with a DEFINITE answer i would apreciate it. Its not something I can be unsure of or ill have to jump off the ferry and swim back here haha. thanks.


It's been a long time since my first post to this topic. First of all, you CAN get the 90 day extensin at migraciones just by asking for it. They were nice and asked no questions. In fact, I went ten days before my forst tourist visa expired and the official told me I could only receive 90 more days from that date and then suggested that I return a couple days before the actual expiration date. I did and received the extension immediately. Since then I have applied for and received the visa rentista. I would be happy to help anyone who wants to get one. You do NOT need a lawyer or any kind of legal representative! I found a wonderful interpreter who went to migraciones with me. She charged me by the hour and I saved a LOT of money, time, and worry (though I had started the process with a lawyer). Please contact me through this forum if you want to know more.


I just went to Santiago from Mendoza last week and it wasn't a hassle but I was nervous about it. My visa was expired and didn't know if I'd be able to pay the fine at the immigration centre up in the mountains. Turns out the guy just looked at my passport then asked if I had a "paper". I said no and he just shook his head and then stamped the little form you have to fill out before reaching immigration (on the Bus). No fine. Then I was into Chile.
Coming back, there was a long wait at immigration but I was one of the fastest through. The chile guy stamped the paper and when I went over to Argentina immigration they just took the paper, opened up my passport and stamped it. They didn't look through it at all.
Also, at both sides of immigration they didn't "swipe" my passport or enter anything into a computer. I also wasn't charged any money such as the 5 pesos I had to pay when I came back from Uruguay.
Would I recommend what I did? Not really, since there was a highway check by the national guard when they stopped the Bus outside Mendoza. They came on and checked my passport. I got through because I was nice about it and when they asked if I speak spanish, I said no. They just sort of smiled at each other and handed my passport back and gave me the thumbs up. My guess is they didn't want to hassle me. I was expecting to be arrested and taken to an immigration office and was half out of my seat the whole time expecting to be led away.


I haven't seen anyone mention a charge but... do they charge to renew your visa if it hasn't expired at migraciones? Due to family issues, we haven't applied for my papers yet and I need to renew. We are planning on a trip to Uruguay next weekend for the day, but just was curious if we could just get a stamp at migraciones with no charge. Did anyone go to the office without their children and get stamps in their passports? How long of a wait was it? I have a four and six year old so a long boring wait for a free stamp may be actually less valuable than the trip to Uruguay for the day!