Getting residency, and health insurance?


May 26, 2008
Hey all,

Recently I was browsing around the migraciones web site to see if there´s a way for me to get my temporary residency in Argentina, seeing as I´ve been living and working here for some 9 months and plan on staying another 2 or 3 years. Unfortunnately I´m working ´en negro´ and don´t know if I could even get employment ´en blanco´, because then they ask you for work papers. Is this right? Is there any possible way for a foreigner (not Mercosur) to get Residency without a work contract or proof of studies, marriage, or Arg. family member? I´m here with my boyfriend and plan to stay for a while, and it´d be great to not have to worry about my tourist visa every 3 months and possible new tourist visa fees!

Also, what do you all do about health insurance? I´m 22 and still covered under my parents´ health plan, but my next birthday this expires. I cannot afford health insurance from the US, obviously, if I am working on an Argentine salary, but am I eligible for getting an argentine health plan? or would they require Residency to apply?? Is it a terribly bad idea to be here without health insurance? I have heard that the public health care system leaves much to be desired...

Thanks so much!!
KatharineAnn, I'm not sure how you can prove a reason to receive temporary residency in this situation. I heard once (but I have no idea if this is true - maybe someone can enlighten us?) that if you had renewed your visa for more than 3 years then you could apply but again, I'm not sure about this. I'm in your situation, with an Argentine boyfriend and planning to stay, but don't currently fit into any of the categories listed on Migraciones as far as I know. My boyfriend joked that I could be part of the C.10- Asilados y Refugiados but who knows how you go about the documentation for that...

There are, of course, less official ways to go about the process and pay someone to pull some strings, but personally I've never been willing.

Good news concerning the health insurance - you will have no problem getting a health plan here. All you need is your passport. You would be Plan Joven so it would be quite cheap - around 200 pesos a month. I have Hospital Italiano and am satisifed with their service. Speaking castellano is a must with them. I know many foreigners are keen on Swiss Medical since there are many English-speaking doctors. There are, of course, many other medical providers to choose from.
OSDE for those under 35 is 334 pesos a month, and appears to be excellent so far!
Another good one, a doctor told me the best of all, is OMINT. They have a youth plan.
Soulskier - do you have a local broker for OSDE? I'm switching plans & that was the one recommended by some doctors.
citygirl - check you don't loose your 'antecedentes' or what happens if you do - could cost you alot to change. check the small print - brokers will tell you anything for a sale.
Are "antecedentes" pre existing conditions? IF so, when we signed up for OSDE they never asked anything about our history.

CityGirl, I don't live in BA, but here is the link to branches throughout the country. Osde Binario

>>Are "antecedentes" pre existing conditions?

I understand they are 'history' as in you only get pregnancy cover after 11 months, dentistry after 6 months, etc etc.

its a vague term
Thanks! No pre-existing conditions to worry about but I'll go in & talk to them.