Getting to Ezeiza


Nov 10, 2008
I've got to pick someone up from the airport just after 7 am tomorrow morning. I figured hopping on bus 8 (ex 86) around 5:30, 6 am was great, but someone suggested to me that it might not even run at that hour. Anyone know anything about it? From experience, from word of mouth? Any idea on where to catch it along Rivadavia?

Thank you for the info. And if you've got other suggestions on a less-than-$30-peso way to get to EZE, I'd love to know about them.

For just 10 pesos more (40 pesos total) you can take Manual Tienda Leon airport shuttle. It leaves every half hour (but not sure of the starting time). It's located next to San Martin Square / Sheraton Convention Center.

From what I hear it's much quicker than taking the colectivo to the airport.

I took it one month ago and I was happy with their service.
Manuel Tienda León does a fine job, and fast.

To save money and just for the fun of it, I have travelled between the C.F. and the airport by train from Constitución to Ezeiza and 'bus from there to the airport. The total cost, each way, was about AR$2.50 (under three pesos, at any rate) last year. The trip took about two hours, however.
thank you, both. i have looked into tienda leon, but do prefer the cheaper, more time-consuming route. i'm spending the $90+ pesos on a taxi back into the city because the person i'm picking has a bit of luggage, and i don't want them to have travel much longer than they already have. i can afford the two hour journey.

rws, do you mind giving me a few details on catching the train and colectivo from the subte? streets, parada, time frames for each form of transportation, etc... hehe, i just remembered that you tried this out a year ago. no worries, if you can't fully recall. and just to be clear, it is the 8 (or 86) bus you caught, right?

thank you, yillabean and rws, so very much. my thread was a bit last minute.
If I remember correctly, the 'bus was an 86. And catching the 'bus was the only tricky part: when you alight from the train in the town of Ezeiza, you'll find (well, I found last year, but this may have changed) that the 'bus stops halfway down the block to the right (I'd been told to go to the left); at the airport, the 'bus stops about two hundred meters before the usual entrance to the commercial terminal. The subway does stop at the Constitución railway terminal, with signs directing you from subway station to the trains above (once above, you may purchase one-way or roundtrip tickets at the central caja).

I travelled in broad daylight, and on a workday. I don't know what the schedules are for either 'bus or train, but I'd guess that they're available online and that they run from very early morning 'til close to midnight. Both were very crowded each time I went.
The 86 is now the 8 - you can get this bus the whole way, it runs through Plaza de Mayo, Plaza del Congreso, Plaza de Miserere and Plaza Primera Junta through Liniers, Mercado Central, Ciudad Evita to the airport.
Taxi Ezezia is running a promotion -- 78 pesos form the city to EZE (98 pesos for a trip from EZE to the city).

does anyone know about how long the 8 takes from San Telmo to the airport? Im heading there to pick up a friend and I dont want to pay and arm and a leg to get there!
does anyone know about how long the 8 takes from San Telmo to the airport? Im heading there to pick up a friend and I dont want to pay and arm and a leg to get there!
1.5 - 3 hrs depending on traffic