GMAT Test Preparation


Dec 24, 2006
Sorry if this is a rambling post....If you are interested in preparing for the gmat exam while you are in BA, I recommend you try this institute on Uruguay Street and Marcelo T. These guys have taken the exam many times and so they really know it....they are much better and cheaper than Kaplan, Princeton, etc...I'm telling you, I know. I have tried Kaplan and it was a horrible waste. With Kaplan in Baltimore I had a 620 and with these guys a 730, and this is directly attributable to them. I even improved in verbal thanks to Santiago who is not even a native but he knows the exam! Kaplan acts like everything is some trick. These guys teach you how to think through the problems/readings with realistic ones. The do NOT use problems that are published. They have their own. I am giving these guys a plug because they worked for me and they are serious. If you understand Spanish take the group classes. But they do know English for individual. They also work via the web so if you are only in BA part of the time you can finish via internet like I did. I just entered Wharton and Columbia. [email protected] Phone is 48166903 call between 11am-5pm when secreatry is there otherwise these guys don't get the message
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