Good gym in Palermo?


Sep 21, 2009

My name is Dan - I'm 22 years old from Boston. Just moved here 4 days ago and I'm looking for a good gym to lift, run, and hopefully go in a steam room/ sauna/ hot tub.

Any suggestions?

Also, i'll throw out the standard "i'm looking to meet people." If anyone wants to meet up, let me know!


Dan --

I haven't found one, but I'm in Palermo and looking for the same. Let me know if you find anything.

This is probably more than you're looking for, but Club de Amigos has just about everything you could want to do as far as sports, gym, etc. I think it's around $200 USD for a year membership and then extra for weight room, tennis courts, etc.
Where in Palermo?
You can check out Megatlon, they have branches all over and one in the Alto Palermo Mall, but they're expensive per month...$100.
Much better I think is "Well Club" which is around half the price per month. They also have different branches. The best one is at Arenales and Araoz. In fact it's much better than any Megatlon branch I've seen...and also has pool. The other Well Club branches are just passable and not so great, but in my experience they have a younger and more relaxed membership than Megatlon (lots of hot girls too).
I can second the Well Club on Arenales/Araoz, although I don't think it has steam or sauna, unless they're by the pool, which I never used when I was a member. It's clean, well-equipped, with well-maintained machines and helpful, knowledgeable staff.

Also check out the Sports Center, on Paraguay between Armenia and Gurruchaga. Reputation is that it's the serious gym of the neighborhood.
THanks for the help guys it sounds like the well club is basically what I want. I'm going there now.
Got a membership there. It was 190 pesos per month, and it's cheaper for 3 month and 6 month intervals. Pool membership is separate, and was on the expensive side. The weight room had basically everything one would need, as well as a good amount of cardio machines.