Aug 23, 2006
I was wondering if anyone knew of a church/goodwill type place that allows drop off of used clothing. I've discovered that my in-laws have turned the room for the housekeeper a storage room, instead of her bedroom. They've all said it's all old stuff from the kids growing up, but I'm sure there is someone who could use it!

Thanks in advance!
Dear Jessica,,
The Argentine-British Community Council have a store called "Casi Nuevo", which is dedicated to this kind of work. They are located at Av. Santa Fé 512, in Acassuso. The workers there are the ladies of our Community who generously donate their time and work. All proceeds go to charity. The store is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can talk to Mrs. Doreen Hogg, or Mrs. Grace Henson.
I hope this helps!
There is also an non for profit that assists with training and assistance to the underpriveledge here: the Wichi community, Mapuches and actually, I am fostering and training a group of women to start their own coperativa through design and making clothes- thisis on a volunteer basis.
Anything that is useful could help me with their work or we can send it to the needy in the north who just underwent a flood in Formosa- these are aborigenes who are also being helped to start their own business by making a flour out of quebracho which is highly nutritional and great for celiacs and diabetics, a flour highly requested in Europe
The organization is Talentos- you can search there site at www. ( copy and paste) they are located in Alsina and Defensa.
Thanks for your goodwill!!!
Happy Holidays!!!
I just had the Salvation Army coming over to get clothes, a bed and matress and a dryer. You just call them and they come and get it :) 49117585 or 49110781Vero
Casi Nuevo is a very wortwhile charitable organization. They often need volunteers - Are there any expats out there who could give a helping hand? Telephone numbers appear in the classified section of the Herald.