Got2B Glued Hair Spiking Glue


Feb 11, 2010
First of all, hello to all. I am a newcomer and have appreciated a lot of the valuable information provided in these forums.

I don't expect any positive answers for this, but has anyone seen the Got2B Glued Spiking Glue (yellow tube, like this) around Buenos Aires? I have looked at the stuff they carry at Carrefour Express and Farmacity, as well as some of the smaller pharmacies and haven't yet found anything comparable. I have also contacted the manufacturers and they have confirmed that they don't sell that product in Argentina. In their answer they state: "We have begun distribution in Colombia, Paraguay and Ecuador and soon to arrive in Chile."

Does anyone know how I can get this product in Argentina aside from shipping it from the USA? I am already doing that, but I am looking for a cheaper option. (Shipping and customs costs are prohibitive.)

By the way, not sure how relevant it is, but there is a similar product sold in Thailand in the "Taft" product line, which sells in a blue tube and can be found at Tesco Lotus.

Any help is appreciated!
Nope, haven't seen it, but I have tried 2 other products:

1) Helen Curtis Exploit gel para el cabello. Yellow gel. Clear plastic tube. Red top. No alcohol. Weak to medium hold. First attempt. Not using it anymore, too weak.

2) 1 GEL para el cabello. Extra fuerte. Red/pink gel. Clear plastic tube. Clear/white top. No alcohol. Strong hold. Second attempt. Still using it. Fairly strong.

Found both at the Disco store.

Gel takes a long time to dry here though. I would prefer gum.