Gotan Project Last Tango In Paris

Here's the "live" performance (I think it's somewhat better as the percussion is less "oppressive"):

The main title theme from "Last Tango in Paris" has been my favorite since I saw the film in its original theatrical release. Nothing tops the "waltz" version form the original soundtrack by Gato Barbieri:

Here's a concert rendition by Gato:,

but my favorite (lyrical) version is by Clemence Lhomme.

Here's something I enjoy much more, though it reminds me of Spain more than Argentina (for obvious reasons).

The "Flight to Paradise" CD is great!
I have to say that the first time I heard them my ears pricked up, but by the third time it was like a jackhammer on my auditory nerve. I flee shops when their music is being played.
Hola pericles, While there in September we heard the Gotan music being played in Corrientes all the time. We bought the Gotan Project Live (La Revancha del Tango y Lunatico Tour). We play that outloud when we are using the threadmill at home and it is awesome!
I find them great for motivating me and highly recommend these two CDS .