Government under fire for overpaying on food purchases


As you correctly stated Bajo, since when has buying in bulk ever cost more?? If anything you get a discount.
Glad to hear that he was fired right away and that AF will not allow the same level of crony capitalism that went down in the CFK administration.
NO, he was not fired nor has he resigned as of 8 April according to Pagina12.

Renunciaron quince funcionarios del Ministerio de Desarrollo Social | Tras las compras de emergencia cuestionadas
Después de que el ministro Daniel Arroyo le pidió la renuncia a Gonzalo Calvo, el secretario de Articulación de la Política Social reponsable de las compra más allá de los precios máximos establecidos por el Gobierno, renunciaron otros 14 funcionarios ...
After Minister Daniel Arroyo asked Gonzalo Calvo to resign, the Secretary of Articulation of Social Policy responsible for purchases beyond the maximum prices established by the Government, 14 other officials who reported to him resigned.


April 8 2020 - 21:10
The head of the entity (PAMI), Luana Volnovich, acknowledged that the prices they paid were more bulky due to high demand and said they are "hostages of the companies." It was after it was published that they bought the product with supposed price premiums.

Todos con manos en la masa!



These people are either the most incompetent negotiators or corrupt. AF still has some cleaning up to do.



As I heard on the news the other night, all it would have taken is for those now fired govt officials to call the media and have them broadcast loud and clear that these companies wanted to fleece the govt during a pandemic, during the crisis, and I bet those companies would have quickly lowered their prices. And yet those govt officials didn't notify the media. I wonder why???


April 20, 2020
Coronavirus in Argentina: they denounce that the Ministry of Security also made irregular purchases.
It is for a direct purchase of 2,400 coronavirus protection supplies kit from a 20-year-old monotributista with no history. After receiving the offers, they increased the amount to be paid by 20%.