Jun 25, 2009
Hey group,

I have to admit there is some BAD graffiti in the city, but there is also some great artwork. I would like to have a photo album of all of the great graffiti in the city. Where is your favorite piece located? Although I do appreciate Bush with Mickey Mouse tags, I am thinking more along the line of the creative artwork that peppers the walls. Thanks for your input =)
There is great stuff, you can see from the train riding between Retiro and San Isidro. It´s painted on the back-side of many houses and buildings, I live in the suburbs, and take that line very often. Also in some places near the edge of the river. Offhand I can´t give you directions but I can make a note next time I see them. Interested?
Forgot about a couple of spots on Gallo street. Aprox at Chacras, which is between Guemes and Paraguay. Walk those 2-3 blocks and you´ll see a mini park all neatly decorated. Also nearby there, walk away from town on Charcas or better Paraguay only 1 or 2 blocks, until you hit the "Hospital de Niños". It has a lot of naive drawings around it´s walls.
Interesting thread. I would love to know more about the local graffiti.

Maybe people on here can answer a question I've had for a few years.

A few years ago I took a bike and cycled around SA and there was this consistent stencil.......I've attached a photo.

There were a few Dr Hoff pieces, different styles etc. but they were in the most incredibly remote places.

WHY? What does it mean? I know who Dr Hoff is/was but I don't know who did thes pieces in these crazy places.

I must admit this isn't the best one, but a great the middle of nowhere on the Patagonian steppe.

Can it be linked to crop circles I wonder!

Any answers



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I find a lot of the graffiti around Palermo a bit messed up in a disturbed imagery sort of way. Does anyone else find that? I prefer the stuff you get in London.
A lot of the art in Palermo is called "munequismo". It was an form of experiment, following the crash and the misery that followed, groups of artists chose to paint bright colourful cartoon like characters on the walls. It made a change from the monochromatic political slogans plastered over dilapidated buildings. I love it, its unique and one of the things that makes BA special.

Dr Albert Hoffmann was an early pioneer and advocate of LSD. Not seen that stencil, but its a drug related meme.
Thanks to everyone for all the insight on the subject! Keep it coming. The more cross streets the better = ) I have been here for 2 years and have always admired the artwork on the buildings and was hoping others did as well. Thanks for taking the time.
I'm referring to the kind of graffiti for example where there's some guy's head with forks sticking out of it (godoy cruz y honduras i think), or the heart exploding (j b justo). That's not what i want to see - It's all feels like very negative imagery. I'm more into the banksy kind of stuff with stenciling.