Jul 12, 2017
I am new to the Buenos Aires region. I live in the suburbs with my wife and our grandmother. I am from Seattle, Washington in the United States. I am a freelance web developer. In the past I have worked in the white-collar IT/system administration world and more recently as a famous barista near the University of Washington. These days I teach a conversational English class in Lomas de Zamora and do PC repair around the community.

My wife and I met on OKCupid. We talked for 7 months on WhatsApp before meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on December 11, 2016. We backpacked through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and decided to get married and move in with her family in Argentina. We have lived with our abuela since March 15, 2017. On June 2, we were married in a brief and beautiful ceremony in our neighborhood. We spent a romantic weekend in Colonia, Uruguay for our honeymoon. Upon our return, I started leading conversation classes for an English language school in Lomas and have been doing that for about a month.

I'm here on BAExpats to make some new connections and to become more fully integrated into the expat life. I have tons of knowledge to share to any who ask and also have a few questions of my own for the forum. I'm friendly and polite and I don't make spelling mistakes or typos. I'm a pro at this sort of thing. ;) Thanks for having me here and I hope to have an interesting time on this website.