Guided Tour in English-Jardin Botanico


Every month TalkTime organizes an outing for English-speaking locals. All expats are welcome to join us. Check out the website for more information about the group and their - Friday, March 31 Organizers - Daniela Bruno and Eduardo Preiti
Place - Jardín Botánico - Night Tour
Address - Santa Fe 3951, Ciudad de Buenos Aires An English-speaking guide will be provided by the Jardin Botanico. There is NO CHARGE for the tour and guide.
Meeting place - entrance located on Santa Fe
Time - 8.30pm....the tour starts at 9.00pm and ends at 10.30pm. Afterwards, the group will get together at a nearby cafe.
Reservations must be made, no later than Tuesday, March 28. Please contact Daniela ->


Do you remember those raffles, where the winner who guesses the correct amount of jelly beans in the jar wins? well, can anyone guess how many homeless cats are abandoned in this "botanical gardens"?? I myself would guess something like 500. jerry