Gym in Palermo


Aug 18, 2007
Hi guys,I'll be moving to Buenos Aires (Palermo/Botanico) on September 14th and am trying to figure out if there is a gym in/near Botanico that I could join for the 5 months that I'm down there. Any ideas?-PocketProtector
I'm not moving there until Dec but have scoped it out a bit. Looks like there is a gym chain, Megathlon, as well as a Wellness Club. Both have locations near Palermo. Here are the links and let me know what you find out and what you like.
you girls have not even got here and you are checking out which gym you are going to join!
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"you girls have not even got here and you are checking out which gym you are going to join!" Worth clarifying for future posts: I am a guy :)And last time I lived in Buenos Aires (for 7 months) I didn't go to the gym and suffered the consequences.
Lay around all you want. Exercise is a HUGE part of my life and I like to live near my gym. I'm psyched to get some inside scoop from Mr. PocketProtector once he gets there and checks it out.
Ok Ok Wendy.chill sweetie, dont get to excited otherwise you might hit me with those dumbells!
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If you´d like to run, you´ve got about 5-6 km of Figueroa Alcorta Ave about 1km away from Botanico. If what you want is just a Gym, check Araoz and Arenales, once called Acuarel Gym, just a block away from Botanico.