H1N1 Lab Created? Shocking Video!


Oct 18, 2009
Please view this video before you decide if the H1N1 vaccine is for you. Shocking facts...

Teresa Forcades is a nun at the monastery of Sant-Benet, in Monserra-Barcelona. She is a doctor physician specializing in internal medicine, PHD in public health at Barcelona’s university, specializing in the USA at the State University of New York.

She gives verifiable scientific data and the disturbing irregularities related to this subject. This is relevant to all countries, all people.

I generally tend to disregard conspiracy theories, but this one seems interesting.

Here are some things in found in Google (and on a blog analyzing the video)

Regarding the Baxter incident, you can see:

Regarding the legal immunity for laboratories:
Here, it clearly states that "Compensation for persons injured by vaccine or antiviral medications: If a person is injured following administration of a vaccine or antiviral medication, in connection with his/her employment, compensation may be available under a state's worker's compensation program. For Federal employees, compensation may be available under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act."
And http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2009/pdf/E9-14948.pdf
" (...) The immunity specified in section 319F–3(a) of the Act shall only be in effect with respect to: Present or future Federal contracts, cooperative agreements, grants, interagency agreements, or memoranda of understanding for pandemic countermeasure influenza A H5N1, H2, H6, H7, H9, and 2009 H1N1 vaccines used and administered in accordance with this declaration.
This seems to exclude adjuvants. However its not clear to me if this is regarding the government or individuals. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Regarding fines and imprisonment for refusing the vaccine:

I haven't found anything questioning the credentials of Teresa Forcades.
Thanks for posting the additional links especially the news media coverage. Why has this fallen off the radar? Baxter is one of the pharma companies making major $ producing the vaccine.
Before today I had never heard of this woman. She is an M.D. what's her specialty, is she qualified on this subject? Not necessarily to say she is wrong but the overwhelming majority of the scientific community do not share her opinions.

She is controversial inside the church and has made a couple of trips to Venezuela where where apparently what she had to say went down well with Hugo and company. Again this doesn't mean she's wrong but it does raise some questions about her in my mind.

I would have to see more than one video to be convinced of her point of view.
I had never heard of this woman either, that's really not the point here.

The woman is very articulate and obviously knows a thing or two about medicine.

She raises some very serious and disturbing facts about BAXTER Pharmaceuticals & The WHO. Which have been confirmed by several news outlets.

The other thing is she is not pushing an agenda. She just wants the public to be informed of some of the events leading up to the vaccine and the vaccine itself. She is not saying to get it or not but to be informed.

I trust her credibility.
funny thing is we've already been through this once before back in 1976, when more people died from the vaccine than from the flu itself.

interesting to see the same fear/scare/propaganda tactics used back then that are being used today. apparently, this 60 minutes episode was only aired once, then buried.

"60 MINUTES, Sunday Nov 4, 1979

Mike Wallace talks to President Ford, Judy Roberts (injured by the 1976 swine flu vaccine, paralyzed similar to Gardasil injury) Dr. David Sencer and others about the Swine Flu vaccine of 1976. Note the admitted lack of safety and informed consent to the public, even as TV ads frightened
American citizens into getting a shot. Think anything has changed today?"


Baxter who have created this flu and now are pushing their toxic vaccine via their masters of the new world order. Many diseases that have devasted mankind were created by scientists and delivered via vaccine.

HIV was created in a Lab and was delivered via vaccine starting first in gay men in New york who were the test monkeys for a tainted Hep B Vaccine . In many countries of Africa the same situation enveloped via the compulsory smallpox vaccine and that is why those same countries have devasting Aids statistics.

Has anyone wondered why the Middle Eastern countries have very low cases of Aids while Black Africa has 100 times the cases it is because of this smallpox vaccine that was deliberately infected with the aids virus was only given to those countries south of the equator with the WHO supporting the campaign of eugenics .

There are many famous doctors who have spoken out about this and if just people knew 10 percent of what vaccines do they would never take one on their own free will again. Read the link below for further information.

I read an article in the Belgian paper, about these vaccinations. This weekend they have given 250,000 vaccins to "people at risk".
In this article they talk about the controversy of this vaccin, in Belgium, but also in other countries as the US. It mentions several of the points that nun talked about, saying that these "side effects" have no scientific proof.
At the end of the article they say that for people in the "risk groups" the danger of getting flu is higher then the danger of the vaccin. They don't say anything about "normal" people. In fact it is a vague article, just stating the discussion, but not giving real answers.

My husband, who is in Belgium right now says we can not imagine what is going on there, there seems to be a real situation of panic. In every program on tv they talk about it, the news is about nothing else then the flu. There seems to be a complete indoctrination by the media. If you believe the people on the news, then at the end of the winter, there will be no Belgians left...
katti said:
In every program on tv they talk about it, the news is about nothing else then the flu. There seems to be a complete indoctrination by the media. If you believe the people on the news, then at the end of the winter, there will be no Belgians left...

Public health officials and journalists have overstated the importance of the swine flu, a former Ontario chief medical officer of health says. Dr. Richard Schabas, chief medical officer of health for Hastings and Prince Edward Counties in eastern Ontario, said the H1N1 influenza outbreak needs to be put into proper perspective.

About 200,000 people die in Canada every year from all causes combined, including about 4,000 from seasonal flu.

"By the time all the dust has settled on H1N1, somewhere between 200 and 300 people will have died in this country," Schabas said Thursday during a panel on media coverage of H1N1 on CBC News The National. Schabas criticized the media for not trying to put the story into perspective, and for being "a little too easy to spin sometimes" by public health officials.

"I'm not letting the media off the hook totally, but I think the real villains of the piece here have been those public health officials who have consistently overplayed and overstated the importance of what is happening," he said.

"By the time all is said and done, this is not a major public health event, but you'd never know that from what some people are saying."

My humble opinion.
Everything is dramatically manipulated in these labs.
There is no honesty or fair judgement or even appellation.
Does anyone wonders how to find out %% of nitrates/nitrides in fruits and vegetables? Right, we all supposed to believe that is up to so and so standards...

But I've heard live interview at NPR another day were one guy was taking phone calls from public and talking about his researches in the US Food industries and nutrition.

You've got to have that book, folks.
EVERYTHING is so manipulated that I am wondering how in a hell they managed to keep slightest tastes and smells of what used to be well common produce.

So look at drug industry.
Look anywhere - all goes for profit, right? If there is a profit - there are manipulation by "these who qualified" in their "very own pursue of happiness".

Some well articulated Germans were actively pursuing psycho-neurotic gases and vaccines in 1944 and later under "we know whom" umbrella. There are quite disturbing film documentaries about their research and development for "quick and fixing" idea, such as RH.
Does anybody honestly thinking THEY WERE STOPPED???

So there is no wonder that we may have something "smarter" and quieter in action now.
Its not necessarily needs to be another "black death" or so. Shnobel prize winers, smart asses and well-paying egg-heads could create something acting as binary gas-chambered shells. They do vaccination (a), it goes into our bodies and sit tight, just like that "live" swine one. Then at day "X" they do vaccine (b) with all the mass media buzz and hysteria, and when these 2 meet in everyone's vaccinated body- massive scale of "unknown" epidemics break in at different countries on the Planet. So its absolutely "unnoticeable" and non-trackable for any public watchdogs or groups. With huge scale of death toll.
So there will be "nobody to blame", but "unknown" twist in human vulnerability, or another "Ukrainian or Russian bioterrorism".
Just depends on situation.