Hairdresser in San Telmo


Feb 12, 2008
Is there a decent hairdresser acquainted with modern western hairstyles (ie a foreigner from overseas or clued up local) in San Telmo or nearby?

I had to live with a hair nightmare for weeks after my last visit to a barber here.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated
I don't know of one in S. Telmo, but "Orange", on Echeverría in Belgrano, turns out very goodlooking (if expensive) cuts. But, then, I'm a man and so know what appeals to me better than I know what's the latest style.
Hey, I need a hair stylist too, so I tried to find Orange by walking up and down Echeverria, but I was unable to find it. Could you tell me what cross street it's at? I also wasn't able to find it via google. Thanks,Ken
If I remember correctly, it's on the eastern side of Echeverría, between Moldes and Amenábar; but I could be off by a block or two. Just look for well-coiffed women coming out!
I've been able to speak with my family in Bs.As. "Orange" is at Echeverría 2640; its proprietor is Carlos Olivares, who is excellent; cuts are around fifty or sixty pesos.
By complete coincidence, I got my hair cut at Orange today. Once you told me the two streets it was easy to find. I got a good haircut! Thanks,Ken
You're welcome! I'll probably go there myself when next I'm in town.
(Bye the bye, what's the cost of a man's haircut?)