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Jul 22, 2006
Hi! Since arriving in ba six months ago, I've had my hair cut a couple of times in a few different neighborhood places, and I face the recurring problem of ending up with a mullet, as the hair grows out!! Can anyone recommend a salon? Right now the mullet is growing back, leading to many bad hair days to come...please help!Thanx
Here go the details of some well-known hairdressers.


Av Las Heras 2071 - CP(1127) - Buenos Aires (011) 4803-5132


Migueletes 991 - CP(1426) - Buenos Aires (011) 4772-7810

Karolina Lozano - César Lozano
The person who was recommended to me and who I have now recommended to several people is Javier Luna. His website is He does several of celebrities' hair, and does a lot of work in the fashion industry so he's not often in the salon, but he's great. I used to work as a makeup artist in the fashion industry in Miami and am super picky about hairstylists and he has been great. If you go see him be prepared to mainly speak in Spanish and tell him Laura sent you.Laura
My favourite is or Barcelona Peluqueros
Penia y Junin. Not cheap though, expect to pay $$$$$. But when it comes to hair color, one has to be cautious, the same with waxing. I once had my eyebrows waxed in the USA, and when I raised my regard I couldn't believe my eyes. Between each eye, she had left approx. one meter, (not exagerating), the whole frame of my face was altered!
Has anybody else tried this salon yet? How are the other stylists besides Javier and what are their prices? I could not find them on the website. Thanks!
"nroza" said:
Hi, I recommned Staff Cerini hairstylist (check the link below), I have visit them for 7 years now and I was never disapointed. It is maybe pricy but it worth it. You can chose the haircut you want from a screen (for me is always dificult toexplain the haircut I want).
Good luck.
I too reccomend Cerini, I've had my hair cut three times there in Belgrano by two different stylists and those haircuts were just excellent. Under the link you'll see another link to their homepage and if you pay it a visit then you'll notice that they have three salons in different parts of town.
If you want to waste 6 hours of your life then go to Cerini. Both myself and a friend used to go there until both of us on separate occasions finally lost it with the managers.
The 4th or 5th time I went there, as usual I called to book an appt, told the woman on the phone exactly what I wanted done and what time could I come in. She said 1830 and I would be all done before the salon closed.
So I arrive at 1830. They tell me to take a seat on the third floor.
So I sit on the 3rd floor reading some junky magazine...
1915: Someone comes and says Oh, no one on this floor can do you, go to the second floor and talk to the floor manager. She tells me to sit in another chair and someone will come get me.
1945: Colourist comes to see me (not the one I requested of course) and sits me down, listens to what I want, drops her brush, throws up her hands and says "Well, there's no way I'm doing that, I'm off at 2100" and stomps off to go find someone else
2015: The floor manager comes over and tells me that there is No One that can do my hair that night. I lose it on her, re a la Portena and she says fine, she'll find someone else.
2030: Comes back to say there's no one who can do it, before she's even finished her sentence I've picked up my purse and I'm walking out the door.
On my way out I stop to "talk" to the manager at whom I direct a surprisingly coherent venomous spout in Castellano telling them that I will never come back to this place and I can't believe that they treat people like that and that I've just wasted 2.5 hrs of my life on there Peluqueria de Mierda.
My friend had almost EXACTLY the same thing happen to her.
NEVER go to Cerini unless you have absolutely nothing better to do.
My recommendation goes to a fantastic colourist and stylist, Marcelo at New Station in Caballito -- the one on Acoyte not the one on Rivadavia. He doesn't speak much english apart from hello, sit down etc., but if you speak Castellano you will have the best cut.
You don't even need an appointment on a Saturday -- usually all I do is go in, tell them I'm heading to the gym (Megatlon is next door) and I want a cut / colour afterwards and they say fine, we'll leave a spot open for you.
And for the same colour / cut / blowdry that Cerini wanted 170 pesos for, they only charge 99pesos and do a much better job.
Save your sanity, avoid Cerini!
How about a Spa that has a salon both for hair cuts, hair color and nails? Have you heard of anything like this? Has anybody gone to Gino's in Las Canitas? How was the service?
Thanks in advance.