Handyman needed

Hi Everyone,I'm new to the forum & find it very informative & helpfulDoes anyone have recommendations (good expriences) for a handyman (or electrician, plumber, carpenter) to do some minor work in an apt. in the retiro/recoleta area?
Hi! and Welcome to the forum...
You might check this direct link bellow that leads you to indextar business directory.
There you will find some handymen listed.
If you finally use their sevices it would be great if you post a review about it to let other expats know how the service was, to share your experience.
Good luck!
Natalia, indextar.com/ba web team


Dear DouBA, You can contact Mr. Alan Sharpe at fervidal@fullzero.com.ar . We have known each other since we were kids. Our parents went to St. Andrew's Scots School together. The whole Anglo-Argentine community in the northern suburbs knows and uses his services. You can mention my name if you like. Cheers, Ernie Reid