Happy rental experience


When things go wrong, I like to complain as much as the next person. Equally, when things go exceptionally well I like to point that out also. Such was the case with my recent apartment rental.

While still in the U.S., I contacted Andrea of Andrea Style BA Rentals (http://www.andreasstylebarentals.com/). Together we found an apartment that sounded great and looked wonderful. She made the long distance process as easy and efficient as possible.

I agreed to a one-month rental, assuming that it probably wouldn't be as nice as it seemed, and that I could find something better in that time.

Well, I just renewed my lease for another 5 months, and I might very well renew that when the time comes. The apartment was exactly as described, and the photos on the website are an accurate representation. Everything was straight up and honest.

I could not be happier with my apartment, or with the service that Andrea provided. She really does make a great effort to ensure customer satisfaction and I highly recommend her to anyone looking looking for an apartment. MUCHAS GRACIAS ANDREA!


Thanks - I have used bytargentina in the past and have booked with them again - they have been good so far - but I am always happy to hear of new options.