Happy T'day to all youse Yanqs



I've kinda lost my enthusiasm for celebrating what used to be my FAVORITE holiday. It's about 86F right now...and that's seems damned hot to me after 3 years away from the tough midwest summers. Way too hot to consider roasting turkey.
Hee hee! If you feel the same way (or maybe you just love roast turkey like I do!), maybe we should consider making own Thanksgiving Day here sometime in autumn. We have a bunch of turkeys down on the campo where we have our cows. Not the big dumb white ones, either! The ones that have all the colors like in the pictures of Da Pilgrims.

That is...if you live here in Argentina. There's a lot of good posters on this forum that don't...yet.
Happy Thanksgiving Day,
Happy Turkey day to everybody! I know the feeling Maskow, especially after roasting my turkey this morning for 5 and a half hours!!! But my hubby loves the turkey and so do I :) Side dishes are mashed potatoes with cream cheese and butter, salad, cranberry saude, gravy and sutffing. I got some awesome cupcakes from Susanna, yum yum yum, I might not be able to type tomorrow after all that... Enjoy with your loved ones!V
Nope...they're not pets...but for some reason we broke with 200 years of history and NAMED! a pretty little calf recently for some unknown reason.

ALL the other animals, however, qualify as pets in that we don't eat them, sell them, use them for anything!

They sure are pretty, though.