Happy with the World Cup Draw?


Nov 27, 2009
As an Australian, I feel we were pretty unlucky. We're going to find it very difficult to progress in a group with Ghana, Germany and Serbia.

My other team is Italy, and they seem to have been handed a very good draw. Spain and England must be happy too.

Argentina can't really complain either - they have a relatively easy group.

Group A South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France
Group B Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece
Group C England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia
Group D Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana
Group E Holland, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon
Group F Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia
Group G Brazil, Korea DPR, Ivory Coast, Portugal
Group H Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile
Nope - Not happy at all - France are in it!

;) - Still bitter and twisted about that hand of frog! - ;)
Not only that, they managed to avoid all the big teams in Pot A and got South Africa instead! <insert conspiracy theory here> Hopefully, that cheeky little cheat Henry will get banned for a few WC games at least.
I know - That makes it feel worse - And they cheats never prosper. Lets just hope that our neighbours across the River Plate can take them down a peg or three.

As for the rest of the draw, Brazil's group is a tough one, and Argentina's will not be easy. England must be smiling, but my early money would be on Spain.
C'mon, a lil cheat can t destroy centuries of partnership against the felon reformist Brits, can it? After all we are bound by similar interest, sharing a common currency...or will french fries be recalled cheaters fries in Irish pubs?

Let s ask the pope to give benediction to Platini s desperate plan to offer France a second world cup so that FIFA can sell lots of disposable junk to the 65 million potential customers and we get another decade of "we are the champions" national pride in a foreign language on tv screens.

It will be tougher to cheat against South Africa tho, or half the team will be lapidated on the spot.
As a shankee, I'm pretty damned pleased. That doesn't mean that we'll make it out of the group stages, but at least there's a chance that we can make it out. In 1998 & 2006, there was basically no chance. And coaching decisions/player decisions didn't help our chances either.


PS- My username does not indicate a feeling of glee that Thierry Henry's cheating ways were (1) Allowed & (2) Rewarded with a favorable draw. In fact, I hope that France does not (I use the singular because France is only one country and one team) make it out of the group stage. If I could have my way, Uruguay & South Africa would make it out of that group.
I can guarantee you that should England meet France in the world cup - every part of Ireland will be screaming for England.

Now to put this in perspective, laughing at England's misery in cup competitions is a national passtime for many. Which is totally unfair - so many english people support us on the RARE occasion we actually get into a tournament, obviously we're just jealous ;-)

PS Yes France got a 'handy' draw.
OK - Lets bury the hatchet (in Henry's head ;)).... Just kidding.....

And if I am to support a fellow Euro user, it will be Espana, although seeing as I will be watching the World Cup here, I think that I will be wearing the blue and white stripes...
Dude, did you see what Higuain did for Real Madrid today?

Did you see "Kun" Aguero's goal?

Did you see who just won the Balón de Oro?

It will not be difficult to support the albiceleste. If they can just get someone to pull the strings for Diego, Argentina is instantly a contender. Vamos che, vamos!!
It's true -- despite the messed up qualifying campaign, Argentina instantly became one of the favourites to win the WC once they did finally qualify. They are still a way behind the likes of Spain and Brazil, and lack the ability to win ugly like Germany and Italy, but they do have some unbelievable talent in the team, and the Maradona-chaos factor might just work to their advantage in the tournament.