Has anyone had success bargaining with rental agencies in low season?


Mar 29, 2006
I was wondering whether anyone had ever been successful bargaining with apartment rental agencies at times of high vacancy. If so, would you mind naming the agency here? Compared to October to April of last year, there appear to many places available based on on-line querying, but all agencies save one I've seen have uniform pricing across the entire year, excepting Christmas and New Years. I realize that these agencies represent individual owners but am somewhat surprised that greater effort is not made to fill places. I was hoping to get a place in San Telmo in the coming ten days but have found the price/value ratio rather disappointing of late, particularly given that the weather outside these apartments is rather cold. Thanks in advance
I have to say that the Argentinian property owners have no shame at all in asking for ridiculous prices for basically junk furniture in run down areas of Capital Federal
Tell me why are rents here so high in San Telmo and the Centro when after 10pm the streets are bascially not safe?
In Recoleta and Palermo which are nicer areas prices have become very high for very average apartments.
Unfortunately people here have become very greedy and in the long term tourism will be the loser as people will not return.
check out craigslist - you get people who want brand new everything, coffee maker, super fast internet, HBO, a fridge the size of a coffin all for USD$200. mentalists!