Has anyone SOLD a property yet?


Oct 6, 2005
I know it is easy for Americans to buy props here in Argentina, but the AFIP is now putting all kinds of red tape and taxes on foreignors who are now selling the properties. I have a DNI so it is not a problem I am having, but rather, those Americans who come here and don't live permanently.
Could any of you who have sold or selling your property please tell me what it is like...how much are you being charged?.....are you paying for income on renting it?....any information I would greatly appreciate!
I think is too soon to expect the "The Great Expat Sell-Off". Regardless, I am savings my dollars...and euros for when that time comes. For some, this would imply going home to the states. For many the US is not quite ripe for the expatriation of its citizens.I hope when they are back home they don't get nostalgic for the bad habits they have adopted here. It is catching, you know.