Has anyone traveled around Argentina? I'm looking for a good vacation spot!


Oct 6, 2005
I want to find a good place this winter to go on vacation. I thought of Merlot....or San Luis.....somewhere where the weather might be a little warmer. If anyone has some ideas, I'd like to hear from you.
Paul [email protected]
Every province in the north will do, Salta is supposed to be nice, but also the most expensive
Here's a weather temp page for Argentina. You can also do a search for a specific locations past weather history with that wunderground.com site.
Looking at a map, I'd suggest you head to the northeast and maybe include a stop at the falls. Avoid mountains, coastlines and humidity if you can. If you need to renew your visa, Iguazu is a good spot since you can walk into Brazil without a visa for the day only and then get a new stamp as you walk back into Arg.
"Granadaiscool" said:
Every province in the north will do, Salta is supposed to be nice, but also the most expensive
NO. Salta is near the mountains and gets cold in winter despite searing summer weather. It's also one of the poorest areas of Argentina. Go there in the spring.
We're going to Iguazu, the San Ignacio ruins, a local farm, and the cool-looking maze. Be warned however that the first 2-3 weeks of July here are winter vacation time for the schools so popular vacation spots will be jam-packed with Argentines. I don't think the weather is super-warm in Misiones in winter, but more spring/fallish sort of temps. If anyone knows for sure, please correct me. Ecch
Hey Paul. I have had a great time in the resort town of Colon, about a 4 hour drive in Entre Rios Province. It has nice restaurants, good shopping, multiple mineral baths and is a laid back town where you can relax.. There is also a casino and several night spots (although the last time I was there the casino was being renovated). There is a beautiful 12-unit condo rental apartment building called the AURORA. It is modern and very clean. I believe they have one and two bedroom units which they rent out. You may want to consider calling Ignacio Cullen, who owns the building. His BA cell is 15 5461 7757. Tell him Mike Litchman recommended you. He is fluent in English. Best, Mike
If you like skiing I have heard Bariloche or Mendoza. Mendoza is supposed to be less expensive and incredibly beautiful.. Iguazu is good for a few days and there is Salta, tucuman, Jujuy.