Hello every ones

Apr 12, 2009
Hi everyone,

We have just arrived in Buenos Aires and will stay here a year long. we are french, speak both spanish and english and welcome any opportunities to meet other expats in Buenos Aires !

Sebastien is currently working for Endeavor (NGO working on entrepreneurship) and Olivia is looking for a job in the NGO field too so if you have any lead for her that would be great too...

We arrived a week ago and moved in the neighbourhood of Palermo Soho (sobre Charcas cerca de plaza italia), we are still looking for a place to stay for the full year so if anyone of you leaves its appartments soon, let us know !

Regarding the neighbourhood, does any one knows about good places to go ? (restaurants, bars, good sport club or public swimming pool ?...)

Thanks a lot and I hope see you in the coming weeks at any event !

sebastien and olivia
me and my boyfriend were also looking for public swimming pool, unfortunately there will be only private swimming pool available from now till next summer, as the summer is over, the public ones stop working!
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