Hello! / Looking for a job


Jun 4, 2009
Hello! I'm a young professional living in Buenos Aires for the next 2 and a half months, interning and working on Spanish. I'd love to find a position down here for a few months after I complete my program at the end of August and would appreciate any advice or assistance! I have a background in finance and project management / real estate development. I'm proficient in Spanish and am still working to improve my language skills. I'd be happy to send along my resume and would love to hear about other expats' experience looking for a job.

You can always become a English teacher for about 2000 peso a month or work at a bar for 6 nights of 12 hours a week for 2000 peso

That is if the job is not already taken by one of the thousands of foreigners who want to do the same job
hi! I used to work as a receptionist at Alem Spanish School - the two guys who own it are wonderful people and it was a great way for my to improve my spanish... last I heard they were lookin for a new receptionist so check out their site and contact them!

What did you make, what benefits did you have and how many hours a week did you have to work?