Hello-New Arrival, Renting in Suburban BA


My husband's uncle lives out in Hurlingham. I would never recommend it for a tourist, especially if you don't have a car. Like any barrio it has nice and not nice parts. But the not nice parts are pretty terrible, and where the train station is you probably would not want to be walking around by at night (and the trains themselves at night are not the safest). The roads in a lot of areas are not paved so it floods when it rains. Our uncles have a nice home, but their neighbours are crazy. Lots of abandoned dogs running around the neighbourhoods. Really not great at night. Nowhere to eat out or drink (there's one bar the cousins go to, otherwise the parents go out for dinner in Martinez or drive all the way to Las Can to go for a meal). If you don't have a car it's a pain in the butt. Also, people out there don't trust their neighbours at all, so if you meet any locals it'll be at the skeezy bar. I wouldn't recommend it. There is the 'other' Hurlingham -- that of the polo fields etc, but it's really pretty residential, but if you don't have a car it's even more a pain if you ask me. And the buses / trains are slow, long. If you're only here for a year, I'd say look for somewhere along the San Martin train line, Zona Norte, not Oeste. The thing is, apartments don't go down significantly at all in those areas compared to Capital. If you need cheap rent, you don't have a car, and you're only here for a year, you're better off looking in the cheaper areas of Capital and having better transport options, then heading out of town.


i go book hunting in zona norte - there are quite a few german and english families living up there as well as bi-lingual schools etc... i think, like others have said, between vicente lopez and san isidro on the river side of Maipu and Santa Fe is beautiful... I dont know costs, but by looking at some houses i imagine the prices can be quite high. Sometimes when i am up there i dont believe i am in Buenos Aires, its very peaceful, nice cafes and friendly people...