Dec 10, 2009
Hello! My name is Martha, I am a painter and I just moved here for the next 5 months. I would love to meet some people, learn more about the amazing art environment here, and get to know the city. If anybody would like to have coffee or go to a museum with me please let me know!

Also, does anybody know of a really great cloth store in BA? I need to find a particular burlap for a piece that I am making.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
For fabric, go to Barrio Once.
There are streets with nothing but fabric stores for blocks, on both sides of the street.
Lavalle y Junin would be a good corner to start on.
Weekdays only.
Its a classic neighborhood of old time, mostly jewish merchants, with hundreds of choices.

Dont expect, though, to find an exact match for a European or US fabric choice- Argentina has a fair amount of domestic production, high tariffs, and its own peculiar tastes- which means that some things you expect are unavailable, and some wonderful things you never knew existed are quite common- this is true for all kinds of supplies and materials, not just fabric.