Mar 23, 2010
Hi! I am Anushka and have been living in Buenos Aires for 10 months, and will be here for a good while longer. I am originally British Indian, born in London. I am currently studying on the internet - Masters in Public Health. I am trying to find some more activities and make some friends.

I live with my boyfriend in Caballito, and love singing, dancing and cooking.

Glad to be a part of the community!

Welcome to the forum! How have you found living here? I spend a lot of my time working and partaking in sports and yoga, I can ask my friend about dance classes? I think there is many all over the city.
Anothe rhello from me to you.... Irish guy with a funny English accent here :)
Hi! I already know lots of classes thanks so much. I am studying full time (and working a bit) so am keeping busy. But I would like to make friends since working from home is isolating - i have my boyfriend and cat and not much else!

Thanks for the welcome

Hi anushka, Im from UK and am living here with my boyfriend for about a yr. Im in the same boat as you, trying to meet new people and make friends. Where abouts in BA do you live? Kate
Hi! my name is melissa i'm 22 living in bs as, and as you all, i'm looking to meet some new friends. If any of you planned to hang out or something send me a message on facebook [email protected]
Hi! I am living in Caballito, which can be a bit out of the way but i go to Belgrano and Palermo often for different things. Would you guys like to go for a drink one day this week?