help! need to ship my laptop from the US to buenos aires


Oct 29, 2006
does anybody know how this can be done efficiently and economically? its an old laptop thats worth about 350 us dollars, but i need it for work
any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Why didn't you bring it with you? I think you'll have to find someone to carry it. I know of no alternative without paying a lot of tax.
thanks for replying--didnt bring it with me because ive been travelling for 2 years (and didnt need it), but ill be here in bsas for a while and i've got a job opportunity that requires it.
what do you mean by tax? its actually an old cheapie (now), worth prob about 900 pesos. i believe it should be nondutiable.
thanks again
If you declare the value of it to be less, the tax might be less. I had some stuff shipped here that was worth about $400 but declared the value at $100. It was shipped by U.S. Express mail and delivered to my door here in BsAs. It only took 3 days. When the delivery guy arrived he charged me 210 pesos, over $60, tax. But it may be different with laptops. They might automatically charge more for laptops regardless of the value.
highly appreciateive of your response...
well, heres what i've learned for the moment---i called the aduana (customs) here, and they told me that when the package comes, i'll receive a notice to go to the aduana to pick it up and pay any applicable taxes...HOWEVER, if i have a tourist visa (which i do), and present my passport which proves as such, and the laptop is mine, then there would be no taxes at all. we all know that there are no straight answers here, but i'm hoping this pans out. i'm also using the US express mail.
thanks again you all are very helpful.