We need somebody, Help, we want somebody, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi all,
Myself and my fiancee are here in Argentina for atleast the month and we are desperately seeking an apartment! Renato is from Brazil, we attended a friend's wedding here in Argentina & now they are not allowing me back in on my current visa so until a new visa is processed, which may take time as documents are needed from my home in Australia, so here we are in Buenos Aires! Looking for a clean & comfortable studio or 1 bedroom apartment for no more than $600-$650USD per month, with a decent internet connection in any area really. Even if we could find some basic work in exchange, or for discounted accommodation would be cool? With this being an unexpected stay here, staying in Hostels at the moment is proving very costly! Renato obviously has POrtuguese & english skills, myself english only unfortunately.
Any help or suggestions would be gratefully appreiated!
Tchau xo


Cheapest accomodation I know of here is the hotel Carley on humberto primo san telmo 35-55 anight or 75 double possibly with bathroom it's very old with shared kitchen but classic bs as! Good luck


Thanks everyone we've already checked most of these options but I'll try Craigslist & hotel Carley.

Gracias, Tchau xo


You may consider looking for some university residences in the classified with the clarin. You can often rent a private room in a house for less than 500 dollars a month (it varies a lot). also has some listings for spare rooms that people are renting.

Also, contact

I have met with the owner of the agency. She is very professional and she has a lot of listings for spare rooms that should be within your price range.