Hey all!
I came across this site looking for God knows what...and signed up. And never actually posted anything, busy life in BA I guess. So, I just wanted to say hi to everyone! I`m not new in BA, in fact I`ve been living here for 11 years now. I guess I could be considered a `veteran`on this site because of that, but I`m a noob.
I`m a Canadian and have somehow been attracted to the jungle that BA is. But, you get homesick sometimes and need the expat community to make you feel at home.


Know what you mean Nancy, I'm in Mendoza (Canuck also) and usually try to hang out with the locals, tho sometimes you need to converse with yer own kind for sanity or information.

Maybe we will meet when I come to BA for the Canada-Argentina football match on May 24.

All the best.