Hi everyone!!


Hello all,
I am moving to B.A. in 6 days with my 2 year old son(we'll be living there for 6 months). I would love to have a break down of costs per week/month (not including rent or utilities).Things like food shopping, baby sitter, entertainment, preschool, Spanish lessons etc... I am aware that the cost of living has changed due to inflation, I just want to have an idea of cost so I can plan side trips for the little guy and myself. Not sure if barrio matters but we will be living in Palermo Soho. Also, any parents of young children who would like to get together for a play date please send us a message. BTW, cost would be just for the two of us.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Vita:

I'm moving to BsAs in late Feb. I too am interested in all you mention. We will be living in Soho as well. My daughter is 3. I'm mostly trying to find a good preschool or daycare where she can improve her spanish.