Hi from sallycat


Oct 7, 2008
A few days ago this site linked to a blog post of mine, which was nice of them... and sent a few friendly new readers my way. That's how I found the site and so here I am. I'm English, here since March 2007 and the truth about my 'journey' in Buenos Aires tango and in trying to follow my heart has been on my blog,

Sallycat’s Adventures
ever since!

Anyway, it's good to connect. Fellow tango dancers, travelers, adventurers, writers, photographers, followers of hearts and dreams... I salute you!

Hi Sally, I have been watching your posts with interest.
Unfortunately I cannot return until next may. Perhaps we could meet at a milonga then.
My wife would enjoy having someone she could talk to, as her spanish is a bit limited.
Hi tangobob
Thanks for reading my blog! And yes of course we could meet up when you get back.
I guess I'll still be here...
Ugh, just thinking of May and the returning chilly weather... yuk!
Beso, SC
Hi Sallycat,

I'll do my mist wanted trip to Buenos Aires in November.
Can you recommend milongas and lessons for an intermediate dancer?

Abrazos from Bruselas,
Am on holidays at the moment and bit short of time, sorry:).
For now can only point you at my blog.
There's a fair bit of info there and you can use the tags to get an idea about some of the milongas. And there is a whole page of links to other BsAs tango bloggers and milonga websites.
If you send me a private message and tell me a bit about how you like your tango it would give me a clue about which milongas to suggest: eg. the more 'traditional', the more 'nuevo' etc. Teachers I never recommend unless I have taken a class with them, and my own teacher is male: you can see him dance on my blog.
But I could suggest a few schools again if you give me a bit more info.

Perhaps others will post any tips for you here too.