hi im new


Sep 8, 2005
hi everyone. I am new to expats and to buenos aires. I haven't been here too long so I don't know too many people yet but I would love to meet some. Let me know if you ever want to drink a pint of Quilmes or rock out at Mitos Argentinos. I'm down! I live in Almagro so if any neighbors (or any non-neighbors) want to meet up that would be too much fun!
espero que nos veamos
Hey Nicki,

Where are you from? How long have you been in Buenos Aires? My name is Alex, and I will be moving to Buenos Aires in November, I've lived there before and have plenty of friends there, so if you ever feellike meeting some great people keep in touch, I am new to this site, but since my move is nearing, I will be checking it regularly for new posts.

Take care.
P.S. Enjoy your time there... it's the best city in the World.
Hey Alex, I'm 23, from Boulder, Colorado. I have been here for nearly 4 weeks. Where are you from? Ya let's keep in touch for sure. I would love to meet some new people. Are you coming down for work/school? Check ya later
Hey Nicki,

I am originally from Argentina, but I've lived in the States since I was a kid. I've lived all over, originally Pittsburgh, but then moved to Texas with my parents once I graduated High School, then I went to college, joined the Marine Corps, finished college, and stayed in the Corps up until now. I am a Fire fighter by trade in the Marine Corps and I am now teaching at the Department of Defense Fire Fighting Academy. I'm 28 and I am moving to Buenos Aires for a change of pace. I'm looking at starting a consulting firm for International companies doing business in Argentina, doing all their Fire Protection and Code Compliance; in the mean time I'll be working with my aunt, she has a Marketing Research company in Buenos Aires.
What brings to Buenos Aires?

Take care Nicki, enjoy yourself.
hi nicki,
i have been here for a few months but i would love to meet new people...so if you´d like to go for drinks sometime let me know! i live in belgrano....
hey sonia. yes, i would love to go for drinks. i live in almagro, but we should meet up somewhere downtown or whatever so its easier for both of us. shoot me an email: [email protected]
hi Alex. dont think im ignoring you. i wrote you a note, but being new you may not know that you have your own note space. i didnt know either until someone told me. ok, good luck with the move, talk to you later