hi (new to Buenos Aires)


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my name is Kathi and i have arrived a few days ago.
i'm working here and will stay until end of december.
cause i do not speak spanish yet, i'd like to meet some english or german speaking people, to go out with and having some drinks and to talk to.
would love to hear from you.
I´m Jo, I´m a 26 year old argentinean girl, I just came back to the country after living in Spain for 6 years. You can contact me if you want and we can arrange to get together, I also need to meet people here!
If u have msn messenger you can add me or email me at: jorincicco@hotmail.com
Hope to hear from you soon!
hi kathi, I am a German girl, 30, working here till end of March. Call me if you like. 1532060301 and we can go for dinner, coffee or something. I'm also a new arrival.
Please please please people - do not put your personal phone numbers on a public forum. Use the note feature on the left of the page to communicate. There are cell phone/fake kidnapping scams happening in BA - discussed at another expat site.That's all. Abrazos - Patt