High quality printing


Dec 19, 2009
My girlfriend and I are looking for a high quality printing business that can help us print nicer quality advertisements. And we may also need a business that can help us with designing the advertisement. Does anyone know of any place that we can use?
What kind of printing are you looking for? Offset? Digital? Are these gigantographs or what?

I just took a project into a printer (del sol graf) the other day, should get it back today or monday, I'll let you know what I think when I see the results.

For somewhere that's close by to me and I just need to see a color check, I usually go to CMD Print -- I think their website is www.controlprint.com. They have done a bunch of things in our area, they seem to do good work.

I've been to Taller 4 and they do a decent job, do things like stickers as well. http://www.belgrano.taller4.com/

The selection of papers here is pretty limited so it's not really so much about finding a good printer as it is fnding a printer that has papers you like... they don't carry the range that you find in North America at all...

I'm a professional web/print designer (www.syndicatedigital.com), but if you're wanting something in Spanish you'd probably do well to use our Argentine designer (he's also more affordable). If you send me more info on what you need I can pass it on to him and you can get in touch.