High tea at Alvear Palace


Jul 12, 2009
Does anyone know approx. how much this costs? I'm thinking of taking the girlfriend for a treat...I'm guessing its not cheap but have heard its a pretty good. Many thanks, Ed
It should cost around 100-130 pesos per person nowadays, you must make a reservation though at LÓrangerie
Two years ago it was ~AR$70. So AR$100-AR$130.

Supposedly it tops the High Tea at the Park Hyatt just 2 1/2 blocks down Alvear, although that's supposed to be a nice one too. And if you can have it outside vs. inside (I don't know if this is possible), then on a nice day you can't get better than that.
My 2 friends went there for brunch a couple of months ago - it set them back $150.00 including tips (dollars). But I think they went on a Sunday, if that makes a difference. Foods great; she'll be impressed big time.
I think that Sunday BRUNCH at the Alvear is ~AR$250. (It was AR$170 or so in November of 2007.)

I could see the Tea being a little more expensive on Sunday as well.
Thanks guys, sounds like it might be a little more than I expected but I'll give them a call and check the prices, maybe it will be cheaper in the week.
I went the other day and paid 120 pesos per person. It's a HUGE serving so unless your very hungry I suggest sharing with your partner. If you share, you pay an extra 15 pesos for the second tea.... all up 135 pesos.

P.S. You need to ask for whipped cream with the scones otherwise they just give you butter :)
i took my mum once and it was a great experience. It can be a bit pricey, dunno how much can it cost now. but the quality of the food is outstanding! give it a go!